Capture a spurious outbound connection with NETSTAT

Several years ago, I created a PowerShell script to create a log of outbound connections.  What if you need something quick and dirty and cannot use a script like that or external tools like Process Explorer, etc? Here is a batch script that runs in an infinite loop and catches… Continue reading

PowerShell Script to Log Network Connections

General Description The Log-Connections.ps1 file is a PowerShell Script that Logs active TCP connections and includes the process ID (PID) and process name for each connection on a Microsoft Windows computer.  The log file name is a parameter that is passed to the script at run time.  A log entry… Continue reading

Skype in the Enterprise

The following excerpt is a thread from a discussion on Linkedin in the Information Security Community group. This discussion was the impetus for my article Is Skype Secure?  which includes an assessment of Skype Security Risks and an assessment methodology. Question: Anybody using Skype yet at an enterprise level? If so,… Continue reading