CMM & Organizational Process Maturity

Beside my desk is a picture of a skyscraper that is under construction to remind me that every impressive work of architecture goes through a maturation process.  I printed the picture to bring to my start-up company’s first annual holiday party. The purpose of the picture was to make a… Continue reading

Moments of Truth – Examining Your Organization’s Customer Service

Have you ever been frustrated with customer service at a big bureaucracy, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles? Every interaction between people within an organization creates an impression in the minds of all who witness the interaction. These “moments of truth” are snapshots that reveal the character of an… Continue reading

Take Steps to Achieve Greatness

My New Year’s resolution this year is to be more “intentional.” Maybe it was the movie Click, where Adam Sandler stars as a harried workaholic in possession of a magical remote control that allows him to fast-forward through life. Or, maybe I’m starting to take the age old axiom that… Continue reading