HTTPS: Is it Possible to Forge a Web Server Certificate?

Yes, it is possible in theory to forge the Web Server Certificate that is used in SSL/TLS communication. This is because the certificate is signed by a certificate authority that your browser trusts using a cryptographic hashing algorithm of a specific length. The hashing algorithms that have been used to… Continue reading

A Python Parser for BitTorrent Metainfo Files

Lately, I have been doing some analysis of BitTorrent Descriptor Files, or “metainfo” files as the BitTorrent Protocol Specification calls them.  One could simply open the *.torrent file in a text editor.  If that is done, you would see something like: d8:announce44:udp:// by14:uTorrent/3.4.213:creation datei1420935116e8:encoding5:UTF-84:infod5:filesld6:lengthi37330e4:pathl52:7 All previous animal species speeds in… Continue reading